[ANSTHRLD] Heraldic Orders page - was Call for Help

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 1 16:31:14 PST 2008

Alasdair said: 
  I am in the process of redoing and then relinking this section 
  Ok, - graphics - I've already posted a few options for getting the images (from the Official Award Text document by Serena and Sara), from Zubeydah off the scribes pages, and Chiara seems to be waving her hand...
  I actually like this page, but it definately needs an update to fill in the blanks.  
  While Scribes also has an Insignia page, it's focus is more on the images and the actual insignia samples.  The Heraldic one has some features toward a different focus:  
  Some suggestions: 
  * I like the links to the Peerage pages:  Chivalry, Pelican and Laurel  - nice quick link. , but you don't have any of the same information on the peerage link that you do on the other images, such as the Star of Merit will say something about the award and give a list to find out who has it... that seems to be missing from the peerage links.  
  * You could reorganize it based after award levels, such as Peerage, Grant, AoA,.  I believe that the way it's currently laid out, but there is no clear division or label between the images.  
  * I like that you give some information about the different awards when you click on their links, but you may want to also include a copy of the Constitition of that award, and some of the history to it, such as what's on the Award Text document, like who the Crown was that created it and when.  The Charter maybe the text thats on the current link but perhaps it should be labeled so.  I know there is a small link to the constitution document at the left top of the page, you can pull that information into the individual secondary pages linked to the images.  
  * I like that when you click on the links to the images, their second pages give you an option to open up a list of the current holders of the award.  
  In short, don't know if you want to scrap it all together, perhaps not the secondary pages linked from the original award, but may need to update it and reorganize it a bit.  
  If you want to discuss further, let me know, 
  Cheers, Hillary (my .02)

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