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I may be way off base or merely out of date, but as I understand it, the College doesn't CARE whether a registered name matches a person's real-world gender or the clothes he/she dresses in. They only want the name to be internally consistent, having a reasonably plausible (with no convoluted explanation necessary) connection between the name elements, temporally and geographically. Other than that, their responsibility ends with advising the applicant with what their desired name IMPLIES about their gender, time period and ethnicity.

As for the other issue, the name element justified by being the applicant's real-world name has to be used in the same manner or position -- surname for surname and personal name for personal name. Descriptive appelatives aren't used mundanely any more in a LEGAL name anyway, and 'middle' names weren't used by many cultures in period. Since that would only qualify the applicant to use the name element as a MIDDLE name (I assume the College isn't going to open the can of worms checking on WHEN a name became the applicant's middle name would be), that would be limiting in terms of cultures and not really what the applicant wants anyway.

OK, fire back. How far off am I?
Kevin, Northkeep Herald

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I know that "one element of a submitter’s mundane name may be used as a name 
lement of their SCA name, provided proof of name (DL/birth cert) is included in 
he submission. "
 I have a submitter that has been using an SCA name that is not for her gender 
r country or time period...but she's horribly in love with it. We worked on 
ther name options but she won't budge. Unrealate...She's wanting to get her 
ast name changed for mundane reasons. While she's in there changing, she wants 
o change her middle name too, to make it that documentable name so she can use 
t with this "it's my mundane name" clause for her SCA name.  She asked if it 
ad to be her mundane first name only or can it be her mundane middle name that 
he used for her SCA name. I had no idea. But I didn't want her legally changing 
er name, in hopes of it helping her SCA naming process and then get 
isappointed and stuck with a new middle name, etc.  Any help would be 
 Ldy Clairiandra Delemere,
 Bonwicke Herald
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