[ANSTHRLD] Conflict check and comments

Britt tierna.britt at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 17:53:05 PST 2008

> I have a friend who is interested in a simple piece of armory: Argent, a pall vert, overall issuant from base a demi-sun Or.
>  I found a few close but none that conflict so I am asking here.  Also, if anyone has any helpful comments on the design,
>  please let me know.

The sun has to be completely on the pall else it breaks the rule of
tincture because charges overall must have good contrast with the

It should be clear of Beornstan Hunigbin - September of 1985 (via the
West): Or, on a pall vert, a mullet of three greater and three lesser
points Or.
There's one CD for changing the field tincture under X.4.a. and a
second CD for multiple changes of type and placement on the pall under

- Teceangl
Heraldry is designed to be easily reproduced by anyone who sees the arms. -

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