[ANSTHRLD] GW Heralds' Point

Star - Ansteorra star at ansteorra.org
Thu Feb 28 10:54:02 PST 2008

I received a little information from the GW Heralds' Point Coordinator.

"...[heralds & heraldic artists] are most welcome any time at Herald's
Point, with whatever resources [they] can provide or are comfortable
bringing…We will have limited power, should you wish to bring a
laptop. Herald's Point will be open Monday through Friday, 10 am to 4
pm and on Saturday from 10am to 1 pm for pick-ups and submissions

Our Social, featuring several types of warming chili, with all the
fixins and other assorted foodstuffs will be held Wednesday evening,
beginning at 7 pm.

Please, if you would, pass the word on to any heralds who might be
interested in volunteering…We also have heraldic classes Tues, Thurs &
Fri morning from 8 am – 10 am in the Collegium area (right next to

If you're going to GW, please volunteer at heralds' point, take some
classes, socialize...have a good time!

Alden, Star

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