[ANSTHRLD] Proposed Badge‏

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 3 00:11:36 PDT 2008

The first problem is: A ribbon is not registerable as a stand-alone charge.

[April 2006 LoAR, A-An Tir] "Ieuan Gower. Name and device. Sable, an ostrich feather transfixing an escroll fesswise between in bend sinister two mullets Or. We will use "escroll" only for a small scroll or strip transfixed by or perhaps connected to a much larger charge, rather like a maintained charge. Such a motif does not fall afoul of the long-standing ribbon precedent, for the same reasons cited for Bronwen Selwyn, June 2005 LoAR, Ansteorran returns: A ribbon is not registerable as a stand-alone charge; that is, as a primary, secondary, or tertiary charge. However, in this case [on a fox's tail] the ribbon is equivalent to a hawk's jesses: a blazonable detail or ornamentation, rather than a charge in its own right. As such, the ribbon is registerable, though submitters should be aware that the exact depiction of such ribbons will be considered an artistic detail."


>Fieldless, A sheaf of 5 arrows or, surmounted by a ribbon gules.

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