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Teceangl tierna.britt at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 00:52:51 PDT 2008

> Fieldless, A sheaf of 5 arrows or, surmounted by a ribbon gules.

Bracket the Fieldless; it doesn't really exist as part of the blazon
it's simply there to broadcast, "We know, no field, we didn't forget
part of the blazon, sod off".  The tincture Or gets capitalized,
numbers are written out.

(Fieldless) A sheaf of five arrows Or surmounted by a ribbon gules.

Okay, surmounted how?  Does it trail across horizontally like the
motto ribbon in the Prince of Wales' badge or does it simply tie the
sheaf?  If it ties the sheaf, it's not a surmounting charge but a
maintained one and would be blazoned as 'A sheaf of five arrows Or
tied gules'.

Ribbons are not registerable, not since 1994. When something like a
sheaf is tied, that's a perfectly period thing and registerable since
it's not a charge in and of itself.

[(Fieldless) On a ribbon fesswise enarched gules the words "verba
volant scripta manet," overall an escallop Or]  The ribbon is not a
registerable charge, per prior precedent: "The ribbon is an SCA
invention. ... There seems to be no compelling reason to register the
ribbon as an heraldic charge. [i.e. the charge is banned from
registration.]" (LoAR of September 1994, p. 15). [Æthelmearc, Kingdom
of, 08/03, R-Æthelmearc]

Giving the benefit of the doubt that the ribbon is simply tying the
sheaf of arrows, I checked for conflict.  This will be a problem:

Uilliam of Reisling - March of 1992 (via Caid): (Fieldless) Six arrows
fretted in saltire Or.
There's the CD for fieldless but six charges fretted in saltire is
unlikely to be different enough in arrangement from a sheaf for a CD
under X.4.g. and by X.4.f. five is not different from six. So likely a

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