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Teceangl tierna.britt at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 23:35:36 PDT 2008

> Can I get some help conflict checking the following badge please?

Style before conflict, always style before conflict.

> (Fieldless) Within a lozenge ploye Or, a saltier engrailed vert.

This isn't registerable.  Here are a couple of rulings explaining why:
[(Fieldless) On a delf gules a lozenge argent] To quote Baron Bruce
Draconarius of Mistholme, as Laurel, on the subject of fieldless

    Fieldless badges consisting only of forms of armorial display, such as
    escutcheons, lozenges and delfs, are not acceptable since in use the
    shield shape does not appear to be a charge, but rather the field itself.
    This presents an entirely different armory for view. (LoAR 9/93 p.25)

As Palimpsest notes, For any who question the interpretation of a delf
as a mode of armorial display, note that in Carlisle Herald's
visitation of London in 1530 are found numerous references to defacing
or removing 'Skochines, Squares, and Losenges wrongfully eusid'.
[Rycharde de Bruce the Fowler, 11/01, R-Artemisia]
[(Fieldless) On a billet fesswise vert, seven annulets interlaced in
fess Or.] This is returned for style problems. First, a billet is a
shape used for heraldic display. This appears to be a display of Vert,
seven annulets interlaced in fess Or. As precedent notes:

    We do not register fieldless badges which appear to be
    independent forms of armorial display. Charges such as
    lozenges, billets, and roundels are all both standard heraldic
    charges and "shield shapes" for armorial display. ...

Therefore, a "shield shape" which is also a standard heraldic charge
will be acceptable as a fieldless badge in a plain tincture, as long
as the tincture is not one of the plain tinctures that is protected
armory in the SCA. This explicitly overturns the precedent "We do not
normally register fieldless badges consisting only of forms of
armorial display, such as roundels, lozenges and delfs in plain
tinctures, since in use the shape does not appear to be a charge, but
rather the field itself" (LoAR January 1998).

Note that this does not change our long-standing policy about such
"shield shape" charges used in fieldless badges if the tincture is not
plain (thus, divided or with a field treatment), or if the charge is
itself charged. Such armory will continue to be returned for the
appearance of an independent form of armorial display.[Solveig
Throndardottir, 04/02, A-Æthelmearc] [Brion Gennadyevich Gorodin,
07/05, R-Trimaris]

So in a nutshell, a fieldless lozenge is fine as a badge, but you may
not charge it nor divide its tincture.

- Teceangl
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