[ANSTHRLD] [Fwd: Heraldry announcement for Commentary]

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 9 08:31:55 PDT 2008

Please note the following missive from Tanczos Istvan, Incoming Wreath 
King of Arms.  This missive was posted to the ansteorra-announce list, 
and I've asked for it to be published in the Black Star and Ansteorran 
Gazette as well. 

Please be sure to direct your comments to wreath-herald at sca.org

In service,
Alden, Star


The following items were included on the Cover Letter that was issued
this past weekend, with requests for comment from the populace of the
SCA and not just the College of Arms.  If these questions have not yet
appeared on your kingdom's heraldic and/or your kingdom's main mailing
list, please forward this email to those lists.

The decisions on these subjects will be made at the November 2008
Wreath meeting.   Those who wish to comment but are not commenting
members of the College of Arms (and thus unable to post to OSCAR), may
send their commentary directly to wreath-herald at sca.org; those
comments will then be posted verbatim to OSCAR.  All comments
submitted in this fashion should arrive by October 24, 2008.  This
will give the volunteers doing this manual copying sufficient time for
their work.

Please address these questions separately, if at all possible.

1: Laurel Wreaths and Territorial Arms

Currently laurel wreaths are reserved for - and are a required
component of - territorial arms. This topic has been a subject of
debate many times. It has long been argued that the requirement that
territorial arms have a laurel wreath as a prominent component of the
arms is ahistoric. The counter-argument has been that it makes it easy
to identify territorial groups which, while not a period practice, is
very much part of SCA historical practice. We are considering removing
the requirement that territorial arms have a laurel wreath and invite
comments from the College of Arms and others.

2: Laurel Wreaths for Laurels

Currently laurel wreaths are reserved for territorial arms. A member
of the Order of the Pelican may register armory with the symbol of the
order, as may a member of the Order of the Chivalry. It has been
suggested that members of the Order of the Laurel should also be
allowed to registered armory with the symbol of their order. We
request opinions on whether or not laurel wreaths should be reserved
for members of the Order of the Laurel in addition to territorial
arms. Please note that this decision is independent of the decision
whether or not to remove the requirement that territorial arms include
a laurel wreath. Regardless of the outcome of these two discussions,
laurel wreaths will continue to be reserved for territorial arms.

 - Istvan
  ...soon to be Wreath Sovereign of Arms

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