[ANSTHRLD] old ILoIs, LoARs, and Gazettes...

Kimberly Langhans sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 9 20:04:48 PDT 2008

...I have a bunch. 

Master Aodhan came to a Loch populace a few months ago wanting to get rid of some old boxes. Among them were LoARs dating back to the time when there weren't actual acceptance letters, Gazettes going back to at least the 80s, and a bunch of old ILoIs. Does anyone need or want any of these? I'm not sure there's a need to keep them with so much available online these days, but I wanted to check. Alden gets dibs if there's anything he needs for Star's files, but otherwise it's up for grabs. Contact me privately if you want any of it. 



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