[ANSTHRLD] clear or not?

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Honestly, the remarks about visual handicaps was intended as irony, 
part of it aimed at my own comment I had just made. Of course we can't 
attempt to accomodate everyone's personal limitations (all armory looks 
identical to the blind) any more than we would their emotional 
handicaps (no, we aren't going to require a seashell bra on a melusine 
-- even if we do often emasculate animals).

As to the other, I will admit to a dichotomy between advice I will give 
submittors and commentary I will produce on submissions. The latter 
will be based on the rules verbatim as I understand them (and I will 
welcome correction of my interpretation). The former will include that 
AND ANY OTHER considerations I want them to think about. If they ignore 
my advice that a submission is technically clear but could create an 
appearance of a claim of connection, that is their right, as I am an 
advisor, not an authority.


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> And dyslexics would see no differences at all...
> (I know, gules and vert are the same to most colorblind people, too.)

Well, let's start with these last two comments.

...Heraldry is,
and must be, a color-based art. It panders (harsh term but it fits) to
those with full color sense and anyone who does not see colors true
are pretty much on their own.

Remember, the Rules for Submission aren't just a guideline. Even when
they make no sense to you personally, they apply and need to be used.

- Teceangl

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