[ANSTHRLD] OT: Consults that never were...

Ron Knight Rknight at kumc.edu
Mon Jun 2 12:57:32 PDT 2008

> And some day I'll tell you all about the 'consult' that 
> I never had, the device I never saw, and me standing 
> up at a heraldry meeting mystified because I had 
> apparently happily endorsed (in absentia) the 
> monstrosity upon which we all gazed. :)
Amen sister!!!
At one war consulting tent I was trying 
to gently explain a color-on-color problem 
with a design a client had bought in. 
She calmly informed me that I must be 
mistaken because she had talked with 
Master Modar and he had told her the 
design was okay.   The entire group of 
folks in the tent (both heralds and clients 
who knew me) grew absolutely quiet. 
Now, I had never spoken to this gentle 
before and it was obvious she didn't 
know who I was.  The first thing that 
ran thru my mind was, "Don't embarrass 
her...it won't hep the image of the heralds."
So I proceeded to ask her to let me show
her the current set of rules, saying that  
-perhaps- something could have changed 
since the design was last looked at. I pulled 
out the RfS and explained the color on color 
problem, suggested flipping a couple 
tinctures to solve the problem. She loved 
the idea and even said she thought the 
design looked better with the tinctures 
switched. We did a conflict check and
she went happily on her way.  The design 
has since been registered.  But leaving that 
day she had no idea that she had told 
Modar he was mistaken because Modar 
had told her otherwise.  
So does anyone else have a consultation 
incident to relate?
(who was once called by a Laurel Sovereign 
to explain why a submission form had 
"Modar said it would pass" written on it)


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