[ANSTHRLD] clear or not?

Teceangl tierna.britt at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 13:55:33 PDT 2008

> I don't try to convince them that they can't send something up unless I KNOW it will get beaten down. I have one former 'client' who is now attempting to get a device you all savaged before done through another herald. Frankly I think she thinks it sometehing personal on my part. Whatever.
> It's just bad.

Cite the Rules, cite the rulings, repeat as needed.

We do not 'savage' proposals and submissions. We explain what will
keep them from being registerable. I've explained it in many ways,
tailoring the explaination to the client.  We request that an attempt
at pre-1600 clothing be made, we hold heraldry to certain period
concerns that were generally observed.

Clients take things personally. I've heard fighters with busted rivets
tell everyone they weren't allowed on the field because the marshal
held it against them that they took a championship bout against said
marshal three years ago. I've heard A&S entrants say that Judge X had
a bias (or Judges X, Y, and Z) because their significant other once
parked in their spot or wouldn't loan them a pencil. Bards claim that
Lady Q's bodice-toppers influenced the judging. Wannabe peers with all
manner of trash talk about the element that was keeping them out of
the peerage of their choice. We're not alone, we just deal with a
broader range of the populace than some others, and bear the brunt of
having <gasp> rules.

Use the rules. Paraphrase the rules. Show them the rules.  It helps
often enough to be worth the effort.

- Teceangl
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