[ANSTHRLD] clear or not?

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I know, but it was quite often the comment that came in from the 
various local commenting groups. And there were two.
(1) "You asked for it, you got it" was for horrid heraldry that they 
couldn't come up with a rules-based reason to shoot down.
(2) "Sometimes you gotta break the rules" was for wonderful heraldry 
they thought would make a test case to get a rule changed/loosened, 
because it was technically illegal but maybe shouldn't be.
Both were, of course, subjective and reflected the tastes of the 
And like "slot machine" (also still in force), they didn't tell the 
submittor what was wrong and could be taken as demeaning or even 
intentionally inflammatory.
Laying out the specific rule for the submittor and explaining the 
reason behind it and why their submission violates it is better.

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> Commenting was more fun in the days of The Rules of Toyota, 1 and 2.
> But things like that really didn't improve the submittors or their
> perception of the submission process, no.

There never were any real 'rules' of Toyota.  The concept is still in
force.  If it's legal and meets all the rules and is awful anyway,
it's not blocked from registration just because it makes the
commenting heralds cringe.  But the term 'rule of Toyota' describes
the concept rather than any codified official guideline.

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