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>  Greetings,
The Ansteorran Heraldic and Scribal Symposium is quickly approaching to be
held on June 28.  Please come join the Canton of Westgate in this wonderful
day of classes and mingling with the heralds and scribes from around the
kingdom.  There will be many classes regarding varying topics.  
A few examples are:  Device Designs, Ansteorran Heraldic Achievements, Court Heraldry, Period Name Construction, Wearable Heraldry, Silk Banner Painting, Making Paint from Pigment, Beginning Calligraphy, Easy Tricks for
Illuminated Detail, Scroll Design, Exchequer and Heraldic Warranting
Classes, and an Insignia workshop including classes.  

We even have activities for the children, including making a Mexican Codex, Heraldry for Children, and Star Principle Herald Says, so please feel free to make this an event for the whole family.  

There are challenges for the heralds and scribes to participate in as well.  Scribes will vote on the most interesting class of the day and showing off their excellent talents while the heralds who desire will participate in best court herald, best list herald, and best ad lib herald.  

A Sideboard luncheon will be provided.  
There will be sign up sheets the day of the event for classes.  
Acceps is accepted.

On Sunday, June 29, there will be a Tourney in the Park at Memorial Park.
This is not only for fighters, come join us in watching the display of
pageantry and courtly ways on a beautiful day.  So please join us.

Class Descriptions, preliminary Class Schedule, and Directions can be found
at http://westgate.ansteorra.org/ahss

Lady Alisone McCay
Event Steward

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