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Would this be fore next year?


On 6/19/08, Hillary Greenslade <hillaryrg at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I got a call the other day requesting information on autocrating KWHSS, and
> thought I'd posted this missive since I directed the caller to it, but
> apparently it didn't get through back last March as I still had it in my
> Drafts folder;... so for grins and the archives I'll post it now.
> Never know, next time you maybe looking for info.
> Cheers, Hillary
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Greetings,
> It's actually a bit late to be putting a bid together, but since they don't
> have any bids, and Laurel is willing to float the decision date, you could
> actually put something together.
> Autocrat: It would be best if that person had attended a KWHSS before, but
> not a requirement - will take someone deadline driven and good a
> follow-through and communication.
> Ansteorra has hosted three KWHSS, two in Dallas (autocrated by Da'ud) and
> one in Houston (autocrated by Hillary - me!).  I've attended all in
> Ansteorra, and all KWHSS since 2000, save one.  I'm willing to be an advisor
> or mentor to the autocrat or committee, if needed; other Ansteorrans have
> attended many KWHSS, so there will be a number of advisor potentials.
> Documentation: The online document is geared predominately toward the
> Heralds side of activities.  It's lacking some information regarding the
> scribal side, specifically that on Sunday when the Heralds have their
> 'Laurel Road Show', its a good idea to have some alternate activity for the
> scribes to do - a trip to a museum or great art store, or a second set of
> classes for scribes on Sunday - all have been done at past KWHSS and have
> been well received.
> 2000: The KWHSS 2000 held at Rice U, in Houston, was an attempt to lower the
> cost of the event significantly, since 1999 had been held in Germany.  The
> total room costs were around $30. for two nights as I recall, for dorm beds
> in suites.  The dorm situation would have been a success, had the university
> not switched our building at the last minute to one that had bunk beds -
> most attendees handed it well, but there was one or two issues with folks
> not able to manage bunk beds. Keep in mind that while most do camp, many of
> the Heralds that attend KWHSS tend to be more senior than 20-somethings.
> Airport: Your site also needs to be very accessible to the major airport.
> Hotel v University: If you want to host the event at a university again,
> there are a whole lot of additional logistics that have to be handled, that
> are not as easy as when the event is at a hotel.  But, it can be done (and
> yes, I still need to write up my notes on KWHS 2000), and often cheeper at a
> University than at a hotel with conference rooms.
> Some possibilities:
> Norman: Some of us were able to stay on campus in dorms at OU and it was
> very economical and convenient to King's College a few years back.
> Austin:  Also a college town with major airports.
> Hotels-  you have to find a hotel NOW with open schedules and rooms for 4-6
> classrooms, with a large common room for Sunday, a merchant room and a
> common room for folks to hang out - with a cafe or restaurant and
> possibility of restaurants in the near area.
> Feast: You can offer a hotel 'feast' on Saturday night, but a lot of folks
> like to go out to dinner together.
> Staff: Need a lot of local volunteers to act as transportation shuttle
> service for extra-event activities and dinner 'hosts'. Best to use
> non-scribes and non-heralds as staff, as heralds and scribes need to be
> teaching/attending classes. It's the fighters turn to give back! :-)
> Dates: Typically, KWHSS is held in June, as it's far enough away from
> Pennsic for Heralds to have time/funds to attend both; and many heralds will
> religiously attend Pennsic.
> For Ansteorra, with our proximity to Calontir, try to avoid the Lilies
> weekends mid-June.
> Location: If you hold it in the north of the kingdom you stand a good chance
> of having a lot of folks drive in from the neighbor kingdoms - more
> attendees.
> Classes: Typically, the Herald teachers will come from all across the known
> world, Scribe teachers tend to be more local kingdom scribes.
> Staff needed (maybe more):
> - Autocrat - don't plan on attending classes much
> - Proceedings Editor - it's the Heralds/Scribes annual journal
>          (CD's copies are the norm now)
> - Fund Raising (T-shirts/tote bags)- this is where you can make most of your
> event profit if you budget right.
> - Transportation - shuttles to/from airport, Sat. night dinner (if not in
> hotel) and to/from special event activities on Fri/Sun.
> - Gate
> - Hospitality room - may also be in charge of Fri night meet-n-greet
> - Merchant room
> - class coordinator - consider adding 'guest' teachers from the academic
> university sector as a draw to attendees. Don't forget to budget an
> honorarium for the 'guest' teacher - teacher will advise fee.
> - website
> - registrations (could use ACCEPS, perhaps)
> - Hotel liaison (could be autocrat)
> - Scribal display area (if space permitting)
> - Scribe activity on Sunday (maybe museums, libraries, whatever is a local
> draw - Namron has the university library and art museum, Austin has the
> Harry Ranson rare books and museum, and University library)
> It's best if a lot of the staff are NOT Scribes or Heralds, so the local
> Scribes and Heralds can attend the classes, so hit up your fighter folks.
> Generally, this event is budgeted for break even, you make profit if you go
> over it with good publicity and great teachers.
> Ok, I can go on and on.. but that's a start.
> Cheers, Hillary Greenslade
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