[ANSTHRLD] AHSS - Metal Piercework class - supplies

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 26 16:52:39 PDT 2008

At the upcoming Ansteorran Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, if you are planning on attending the Metal Piercework class, you may wish to bring the following supplies if you already have them (some available on loan): 
 - safety glasses (reading glasses will do)
 - an apron 

The class is set for 4 students with new tool kits.  I have enough materials to handle 2 additional students with loaner gear, and we can trade out so others can try their hand at piercework.  Observers are welcome.  

The student kits include a jewelers saw and bench pin with other tools to complete the project and have a complete starter set to take home.  The total cost for the kit is $30.00, paid to the teacher.  Signup for the class is on Saturday morning at site.  

I look forward to making Ansteorran Insignia with you!  
Cheers, Hillary Greenslade

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