[ANSTHRLD] fimbriated edges and field divisions

Chris England drachenhohle at suddenlink.net
Thu Apr 2 19:43:08 PDT 2009

Here's a good lesson on fimbriation.

As for "Gyronny lozengy gules and ermine and vair"...
You are an evil man and I love it ;)


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>Dear Heralds,
>Question 1:
>I know the general rule of thumb for fimbriation is "regular" edges only.?
>Wavy is an enhanced type of edge, but far more regular in shape than many
>of the other types.? Can a wavy pile be fimbriated?? I could not find any
>in the OandA database, so I assume the answer is no, but I wanted to be
>Question 2: (unrelated to question 1)
>Can a field be divided "per pale" with one half of the field being a solid
>color and the other being bendy of a color and a metal?? If so how would
>this be blazoned?? In mundane terms, this client is seeking a device
>divided vertically (per pale) with black on the left and blue and white
>bendiness on the right, although I do not think he is particular about
>which side is which.
>Extension to Question 2: Assuming the option described in question 2 is
>allowable, can only the black part of the field carry a charge?
>I throw myself on your superior heraldic wisdom,
>Oakenwald Pursuivant


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