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GREAT!!  That seems easy enough.   Thank you for your rapid response.


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> Hallgeirr wrote:
>> How do I describe charge placement when the charges are at the top two
>> corners and bottom point of the device?
> Well, a charge in the top left corner (as you're looking at the field
> face-on) would be "in canton", one in the top right would be "in sinister
> canton", and one down at the bottom in the center would be "in base".
> If they're the only things on the field and they're drawn to properly fill
> it, however, they'd normally just be "three [charge type]", since
> two-and-one is the default arrangement for three on the field.
> If the charges are small and peripheral because they're secondary to
> another charge group, they'd normally just be blazoned after the primayr
> charge with, "between three", as in "Azure, dog between three mullets
> argent."  Smaller and more peripheral is what defines a secondary charge
> group, so you wouldn't have to say anything to indicate that they're out
> toward the edges.
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