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Tentantive blazon would be something on the orde of "Per bend sinsiter Or and azure, on a bend sable between a castle gules and a knot (need a graphic to blazon specifically) argent three crescents Or.
That assumes the horns of the crescents are "following the orientation of the ordinarary", which means the horns ar pointing up the ben sinister (45 degree angle to the upper right).
Complexity is a problem.  There are 5 tinctures and 4 types of charges.  Heraldry should be no more complicated than necessary to avoid conflict.
A better style is to have the charges on either side of the bend sinister be the same type (the tower is better style than a knot) and counterchanged tinctures (blue on yellow and yellow on blue).  Even better would be to have an enitrely yellow field with two blue towers.  Best of all is a yellow field with two black towers.

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Ok the attachment did nto come thruogh. The plain english version is upper left corner is yellow with a red castle with flags on the towers and a black cross in the doorway. A black stripe from upper right to lower left diagonally with three cresent moons in yellow on the stripe.  The blue section in the lower right side has a single white fretty knot.  

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