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Thanks to everybody for the input.  I am going to talk with the submitter and see what changes might work.  I think the or knot or even a azure castle.  Color changes and simplifing.  I felt it was too much and had not even thought about the eight rule thing.  

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> Tostig gave a blazon of "Per bend sinister Or and azure, on a bend
> sinister sable, between a castle gules and a X knot (need a graphic to
> blazon specifically) argent, three crescents Or."
> That's a good one. The detail on the castle door is artistic, not
> worth blazoning. If Laurel sees the pennants worth blazoning, they'll
> be added. If they're important to the submittyer, mention that with
> the submission so Laurel can make that decision.
> > Complexity is a problem. There are 5 tinctures and 4 types of charges. Heraldry should be no more complicated than necessary to avoid conflict.
> Or, azure, sable, gules, argent
> bend sinister, castle, knot, crescents
> Eight is the rule of thumb for complexity. Can you talk your client
> into an Or knot?
> Now, I'm concerned with the 'fretty knot'. If it's a mascle knot -
> http://www.sca.org.au/herald/camel/1995/06/cordonr.gif - it's a fatal
> problem. That's a mascle knot and they were disallowed in 1996.
> If it's a fret -
> http://yorkshirehistory.com/Gallery/albums/H/harrington.gif - then
> it's a fine period charge. A fret is throughout by default, if not it
> needs to be blazoned 'couped'.
> Send me the picture - tierna at agora.rdrop.com
> I'll put it on my webpage so we can all see it.
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