[ANSTHRLD] (no subject)

Kathleen O'Brien mari_1184 at att.net
Mon Apr 27 17:12:45 PDT 2009

>> Hi, Emma.  This is Mari.  I'm using Thomas McDonald's e-mail while my
>> replacement system gets set up.  I saved my password on my old
>> machine, but I forgot it.  Would you please change my password to
>> "celtsdroollol"?  Just reply to this message when you're done.
>> I'll change it when I log in.  Thanks.

No, no, no.  The replacement system I set up over the last couple of 
days was my _mother's_ computer not _my_ computer.  And the passwords 
were Mom's and were on the dead computer.  Fortunately she's really anal 
when it comes to computers and had written the password for her email down.

(who has not forgotten her password to the commentary system and 
actually logged in earlier today *grin*)

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