[ANSTHRLD] Calling All Heralds

Alasdair MacEogan alasdair at bmhanson.net
Thu Apr 30 21:12:27 PDT 2009

Bob Wade <logiosophia at yahoo.com> wrote:
>  No, Orles and Tressures are diminutives.  That would make them younger sibings, wouldn't it?

Ok, if you want to get technical... ;-D

Bordures do not have diminutives so no, I do not believe orles are considered diminutives.  What would it be diminutive to.  (At least according to Parker.  Brook-Little does not really weigh in on th subject.)  Though I do believe that tressures are sometimes considered a diminutive of an orle.  I guess it would be on what you would sonsider the definition of a diminutive.  Most of what I can remember defines a diminutive in relation to an ordinary.  None of the three (bordure, orle or tressure) are ordinaries.  Rather they are sub-ordinaries.

That would work for my oldest 2 (sons)   I would say there isa  closer relationship of orles to a bordure, at least more than a annulet or mascle. :-P  Now I am just wondering what that would make my daughter...Maybe an inescutcheon?  Double Tressure?


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