[ANSTHRLD] Calling All Heralds

Mike C. Baker kihebard at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 30 23:36:51 PDT 2009

Apologies for not responding more quickly to your query, Tostig.  If the
following doesn't answer everything, I'll either take another crack at
the problem or defer to those with better / more recent information.

Oakenwald is coordinating the field announcements, court, & camp cries;
I volunteered to man the consult table inside and have been speaking
with the hall coordinator and event steward (with copies to Oakenwald as

Tentatively this is expected to be essentially same setup as last year
with a three table front and give-back / sharing with the scribes, PLUS
addition of a table behind us (against the wall, for storage / ref
library handling / sideboard) that I'm planning on providing myself.

I'll be there, a couple of banners will be there, my sideboard table
will be there, and I'll have the laptop loaded for as much traffic as it
will handle.  Any additional resource materials / references would be
greatly appreciated.  I need to talk to Oakenwald about a supply of
printed forms (HINT, HINT boss!)

TENTATIVELY, I'll also be offering a "Basic Heraldic Design" class --
complete with flashcards -- at least once during the course of the
Depending upon interest, I could also run the updated version of my "For
Crying Out Loud!" (camp announcement) class at the drop of another

ONE LAST ITEM:  it is still possible that I will be called away for
gainful mundane employment between now and Warlord weekend.  I'd
appreciate a planned backup (or two) just in case of such developments.

Adieu, Amra  / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe 

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> Bordure has children and his wife is running gate.  I don't think
> he will be running the table. :-)  I am pretty sure he may make an
> appearance and help out as he can though.
> Alasdair
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> >  Who's coordinating the Table?  Oakenwald, Eclipse, Bordure or
> someone else?
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> >  Tostig

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