[ANSTHRLD] OT: little end of the year Heraldic/Chivalric humor

Richard Culver rbculver at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 28 12:01:37 PST 2009

Before anyone gets mad, this is a joke I came up with at a fighter practice.  I came up with it purely on a larky but a lack of sleep led me to getting this out of my head.  I firnly acknowledge I would be the first to belong to this joke order.  Hopefully any Centurions here will forgive me the chance for a laugh, however small.

Happy New year,
Wihtric hlafard Wihtmunding


Order of the Plebians of the Sable Pale of Ansteorra- A fighting order of distinction for the ability to make a better target than fighter and get clubbed like a seal time after time.

Badge- Or goutty de sang, a pale sable, overall on a seal erect argent a mullet of fiver greater and lesser points sable.

Regalia: A gold sling, bordered black for the sword arm or a splint on the left foot.

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