[ANSTHRLD] Extending the Metaphor to Hyperbole

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Sun Jul 12 19:21:08 PDT 2009

Tostig wrote:
> Etienne,
> At xXx we mused ...
> A group of Voice Heralds is an Orle of Heralds,
> A group of Precedence Heralds is a Pale of Heralds and
> A group of Commentary Heralds is a Saltire of Heralds.
> I guess that makes a small mixed group a Subordinary and a 
> large mixed group an Ordinary of Heralds, but where's the 
> line of division (and is it simple or complex)?

I'm certainly not Etienne, but I've always maintained (ahem) that any group
of heralds is a Conflict of Heralds.

> Post Scriptum: The Voice Heraldry I heard at xXx and Cown 
> Tourney was fantastic.  Well done all.

Yes indeed! Several new faces involved as well, which is always a good

I did want to thank everyone that came out to the consultation table,
whether to help or to work on something. I'll post later about it, but it
was fantastically busy and we did plenty of business. I certainly had a
great deal of fun, and being "stuck" inside in the air conditioning
certainly was a perk.


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