[ANSTHRLD] question about a badge

Diane Rudin serena1570 at yahoo.com
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When I first joined, which was a while ago now, I was told quite specifically that the way to mark a herald was with a green baldric or tabard with the crossed trumpets, to mark a marshal was with a black baldric with the crossed swords, to mark a chiurgeon was with a blue baldric with....

Of course, you didn't wander around all day wearing it; you wore it when you were actually on duty as a herald, marshal, etc.  The wearing of these badges wasn't restricted to people with warranted offices; it was a badge of what work you were doing, not what piece of paper some bureaucrat somewhere had on file.

Which is, sadly, why I suspect that these days, you're not supposed to wear the badge unless some bureaucrat somewhere has a piece of paper on file saying you're actually allowed to help people and do service in the SCA.  <sigh>  And some people wonder why we're losing a lot of our older members....


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Based on what you have posted, then it would seem to me that those badges are to be used by officers in those roles.  

So the Marshalls badge should only be used by officers in the Marshallate, not so much by say field marshalls?



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