[ANSTHRLD] Heraldic Consultation at XXX Year and Thanks

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Tue Jul 14 21:07:13 PDT 2009

Was happy to find that I still know how to help and somewhat teach those who need heraldry. I hope that my assistance provided a spark that will interest them in out society. 

Crandall, Olde Phart 

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> Greetings Ansteorra!
> We had an immensely successful heraldic consultation table
> at 30th
> Year. Over both Friday and Saturday, we took in a grand
> total of 70
> items. To give you some perspective, a typical month for
> the kingdom
> results in around 15-20 items. That's a lot of
> submissions!
> I want to thank every herald who came to help out behind
> the table,
> for I certainly could not have done even a quarter of that
> on my own:
> Tostig Logiosophia, Daniel de Lincoln, Alden Drake, Alric
> Morgannwg,
> Crandall mac Cranon, Isabel Barton, Kazimierz of Loch
> Ruadh, Tadhg mac
> Aedain Ui Chonchobhair and any poor herald I have
> unfortunately
> forgotten, having slept since then.
> I would like to especially thank the heraldic artists that
> helped give
> form to the submitter's vision, and drew such lovely
> artwork: Sara
> Penrose, Lillias MacGuffin, Rosamund Blaunchflur, and
> Gerhard Pfister.
> Many got to see their completed artwork before the end of
> the event,
> which is a wonderful thing!
> For those that did submit items at the table, you will be
> receiving
> email sometime within in the next week or two, with a
> scanned copy of
> your forms for you to keep, and a note on how and where to
> keep track
> of your submissions.
> Thank you again to all who came out to the table, to work
> on both
> sides of it. I know I certainly had a great deal of fun,
> and hope you
> did too.
> In service,
> Emma de Fetherstan, Star
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