[ANSTHRLD] a couple questions

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 22 05:58:47 PDT 2009

I've done a bit of research in the past on marshalling arms, and I started wondering, "If a barony has cantons associated with it, would it be appropriate for the baron/ess to wear/display the arms of the barony quartered with the arms of the canton(s)?"  

This question arose because on several occasions I've heard of a landed noble being introduced as "John Smith, Baron of Hereabouts and Lord of Overthere", referencing both the barony and the canton.  I realize this is a bit of an SCAism, because in period (and today), Lord X is a proper address for the Baron X.  "Lord" is not a lesser noble title such as the way the SCA uses it.  

In the process of writing this email though, I though that maybe a better question is, "Is it appropriate to style a B&B as Lord&Lady of <Canton Name>, or is that perpetuating yet another SCAism?"



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