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Sure, but IS a canton 'contained within' its barony? I understood that 
once it was past incipient status it had to have its own separate bank 
account, and before that its membership tally was no longer included 
within the barony's, so the barony had to have sufficient membership to 
remain a barony WITHOUT the canton before the canton could even become 
incipient. Besides being geographically distinct/distinguishable.

Am I wrong about that? I don't care much -- I still carry Chemin Noir 
in Northkeep's OP, for instance.

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> I thought that some of the early Norman and Plantagenet kings were
> listed in such fashion: King of England, Duke of Normandy, County of
> Anjou, etc.

Thank you for pointing out a period example of use of multiple landed
titles.  But in distinction from the SCA "Baron of X, Lord of Y"
(where Y is a canton contained within X), the Plantagenets' England,
Normandy, Anjou, Maine, Aquitaine, Ireland, et cetera, did not

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