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I found another depiction among the royal arms of most of the Knowne 
Worlde here:
It shows the Prince's arms closer to the registered version, except the 
wreath is still not 'ribboned gules', and the Princess's arms are still 
off -- showing a wreath instead of a chaplet (although I understand 
that at least mundanely a wreath CAN be called a chaplet) and four 
roses (instead of the registered five or the six depicted on our page). 
But at least the stars are interlaced.

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Good question for Star Principal Herald. :)

The emblazon of HRH's arms on the webpage: 
http://coronet.ansteorra.org/ appear
to be the arms of the kingdom minus the crown.

The registered blazon for the Crown Prince is: Or, a compass-star of 
ten sable,
interlacing a laurel wreath vert ribboned gules within a tressure 
sable, issuant
from base and overall a sun in glory gules. (Registered in 1978)

And more often, what I've seen used is the kingdom arms with a red 
label added.

Alden Drake
Sable Roundel

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Has anyone noticed that the emblazon for the arms of the Coronet (not 
personal arms) is incorrect on http://coronet.ansteorra.org/? They do 
not match
the registered blazons. Are there better emblazons somewhere online? I 
have a
client who is working on some sort of project, and would like to see a 
of what these arms are supposed to look like.
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