[ANSTHRLD] contacting Ragged Staff (was: Arms of the Coronet)

Coblaith Muimnech Coblaith at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 22 12:14:05 PDT 2009

I wrote:
> Ragged Staff Herald (currently Baroness Shauna of Carrick Point)  
> maintains an electronic archive of submissions forms.. . .Her  
> address isn't on the S.C.A. College of Arms Contact Information  
> page.  (I have no idea why.)

Aryanhwy commented:
> Off the top of my head I can think of two reasons:
> * No one has ever mentioned to Codex that having it listed there  
> would be useful.

Doesn't Codex know that she's the one folks need to contact if they  
want to verify how someone's registered armory actually looks?   
'Cause it seems kind of obvious to me that publishing contact info  
for that officer would be useful.

But I can e-mail Codex to suggest it, if that's the obstacle.

> * The person in question hasn't given permission for their contact  
> info to be publicized on the web.

Is there some reason the office doesn't have an e-mail address?  I  
mean, if I wanted to ask a Pelican-y question, I could e-mail  
"Pelican" at "heraldry.sca.org".  You didn't have to give permission  
for that to be on the contact information page, and the address will  
still work if you change ISPs or the office transitions to someone else.

Coblaith Muimnech
<mailto:Coblaith at sbcglobal.net>

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