[ANSTHRLD] Arms of the Coronet

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Thank you, Daniel.

Given that, my first impulse was to suggest that we suggest to the 
Crown that the consort and heir arms be released. But that would 
invalidate existing artifacts, including the Queen's Throne(s).

Still, I think I will offer my client the option of using the king's 
arms with a red label overall to represent the prince, and perhaps the 
queen's differenced the same way for the princess, as well as the 
e-pictures I hope to get from Ragged Staff.

Is the last week in an office always one of the busiest?? (That's 

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> tmcd at panix.com>> Laurel has an official preference for the kingdom arms with a 
>> label. 
> Seriously? Why register differenced arms for the Coronet then? 
We don't any more. Forbidden in the December 2003 LoAR Cover Letter. 

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