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John iaenmor at swbell.net
Wed Jul 22 14:36:26 PDT 2009

Brian is right.  Usually the shire and the crown ask the Baron and 
Baroness to hold court for us if awards are to given.  At least once 
they have had business elsewhere and others took the job. 


Brian O'hUilliam wrote:
> Really, it is up to the Crown.  It is convenient for the B&B of Stargate to
> hold Court at Gate's Edge events, it also shows the history of the Shire to
> have the B&B of the lands they formerly were a part of holding Court.
>  However, if the Crown attends a Gate's Edge event, there is absolutely no
> reason for the B&B of Stargate to hold Court.
> Having the closest landed nobles hold court is convenient, but the Crown
> could essentially ask anyone to hold Court for them.  It is polite and a
> show of courtesy to have Stargati's B&B hold cCourt at Gate's Ege, but in
> reality, the crown could ask the B&B of Bonwicke to do it.  It is, by no
> means, necessary to have Stargate's Landed Nobles hold Court for Gate's
> Edge.
> Brian
> On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 12:15 PM, Mike Wyvill <wyvillmike at hotmail.com>wrote:
>> if I am wrong, I will stand corrected, but when my ex-wife was seneschal of
>> Gate's Edge, I was given to understand that the Baron and Baroness of
>> Stargate should represent the crown at our events because we were once part
>> of Stargate.
>> EdV
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