[ANSTHRLD] Arms of the Coronet

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My client needs, for reasons as yet unexplained to me, four different 
symbols representing these four individuals or offices.

As Ansteorra has no badges denoting the offices of 
sovereign/consort/heir 1/heir 2, my advice was that the symbols used in 
the Black Star, the associated arms, were the best items available.

However, using the arms EXACTLY as noodged by Laurel won't fill my 
client's need. So, I am going to have to suggest some set of 
compromises, including just using the arms as registered. Until and 
unless Ansteorra uses two identical thrones and either one banner for 
the crown or two identical banners, stops using different symbols on 
the website and in the newsletter, and changes all other usages to 
match, the populace at large will understand what the symbols mean.

Kevin, who occasionally prefers usefulness to authenticity.

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On Wed, 22 Jul 2009, kevinkeary at aol.com wrote: 
> Still, I think I will offer my client the option of using the king's 
> arms with a red label overall to represent the prince, and perhaps 
> the queen's differenced the same way for the princess 
Under the thesis "so what's the queen, chopped liver? I think not", 
I believe that both the king and queen (being equal monarchs) should 
both use the undifferenced arms of=2
0the kingdom, and their heirs (being 
equal heirs) should both use the arms of the kingdom differenced only 
with a label. 
Danielis de Lindo 
-- Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com 
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