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Paedric wrote:

>The Crown also takes into account the wishes of the group in question when dispatching nobles to hold court. In the ~20 years I've been playing, I can remember landed nobles coming to a Shadowlands event to hold court exactly once (Baron David and Baroness Crystal of Raven's Fort, about 10 - 11 years ago). Most of the rest, if not held by the Crown, were held by court b&b's Don Tivar and Mistress Aethylian(sorry about the spelling) Moondragon, who have ancient ties to the Shadowlands, and have sometimes been refered to as "Shadowlands West". Now we have local court b&b's Sir Rhodri and Mistress Kaitlyn, but if they were to move, I suspect we would go back to Tivar and Aethylian as long as they are willing.

I held court in the Shadowlands twice, in 1989 and 1990 I think, when I was Baron of the Steppes.  That was a little unusual, but Adelicia and I wewre the only nobles going to the event.  (It was far more common for us to hold court in the central regional shires -- Greywood, Black Oak Keep, Elfsea, Bastion de Frontiere, Emerald Keep, and maybe once or twice in young Rosenfeld.)

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