[ANSTHRLD] royal badges?

Star Principal Herald star at ansteorra.org
Thu Jul 23 14:27:25 PDT 2009

Donnchad wrote:
> The devices shown on coronet.ansteorra.org are not the ones with a label.
>  The Prince's are the Kingdom arms without the crown, and the Princess' are
> similar to the Queen's only with white roses and no crown.

Psst - hit 'reload'.

> Also those designes-on-a-roundel are also used on the Kingdom Officers web
> page. http://www.ansteorra.org/officers.php

Hm, so they are. Again, older stuff...

> I agree that the Crown arms with a label would be the best ones to use.
>  After getting the OK from Their Majesties and Their Highnesses, Star might
> want to post on the Ansteorra lists so that those who are making things for
> Their Highnesses will know what to use.  I just went through the CP regalia,
> and there are dishes, tabards, banners, etc. all with different versions on
> them.

There are. I certainly would not say to toss anything that doesn't use
the currently registered arms, or that doesn't use the kingdom arms
with a label. There's always history and tradition to keep in mind, of
course. It would be useful if *newer* items were more consistent,
certainly, and will advise accordingly.

-Emma, Star

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