[ANSTHRLD] Ansteorran Commentary Exchange

Star Principal Herald star at ansteorra.org
Mon Jul 27 08:24:21 PDT 2009

The online commentary system formerly known as HCS has been moved out
of beta, given a new name, and moved over to its new home at
http://ace.heraldry.ansteorra.org/.  All data was moved with it, so if
you had an account on the old system, you still have one on the new
system, and no ILoIs or comments have been lost.

New functionality includes the ability to upload images in a comment
as needed, and URLs can now be automatically made into active links by
putting square brackets around them. For example,

Many thanks to Lord Reis ap Tuder for writing ACE, and for putting up
with my endless "no, down a line, no, over to the left, bold that, no
wait!" 'suggestions'.

-Emma, Star

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