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Thu Oct 8 09:19:05 PDT 2009

From: Alasdair  replied to Daniel:

>>  In general, I am perturbed at the notion of submitting A and using
>>  B, especially when the causes for returning B is because B is far
>>  from period style.
>>  If the added vines are small enough to truly be tiny details, then
>>  I would think they'd not be a problem if submitted.
>>  But I'd very much like to see others' opinions.

>I happen to agree that if they truly are just artistic then it should
> be no ban on registration.  BUT if an item specifically has to be
> left off of the emblazon for it to be registered then I would say
> it is significantly more that artistic detail.

Exactly.  If you said, "The vines are too small to matter to anyone.  Submit this drawing, but don't mention them in the blazon because nobody cares," then they are just artistic frou-frou.  But if you said, "The vines matter a lot, because they make the design non-heraldic, by being too complicated.  Re-draw it to get it to pass, and then paint your shield with the illegal, non-heraldic picture," then you're deliberately circumventing the rules.  If you're going to counsel the client to use an unpassable non-heraldic shield, why should he pay the money to register anything at all?

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