[ANSTHRLD] Double checking Norse Name 'Uma Bjarnardottir' (perhaps)

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Sun Oct 18 21:58:39 PDT 2009

Ioannes wrote:
> Clients are so much easier when they start by picking a period/culture
> and then looking at references and THEN pick the name, no?

Oh yes, my favorite kind!

> She's got it down to two choices for given name, Jutta and Uma.  She's
> set on making a patronymic of Bjorn, which appears to be
> Bjarnardottir.  And she's considering using the byname meaning Raven,
> which according to Geirr bassi is the prefix Hrafna-.

I can find Una in Geirr bassi, but not Uma.

> So I told her I'd check the various permutations
> Jutta Bjarnardottir
> Uma Bjarnardottir
> Hrafna-Jutta Bjarnardottir
> Hrafna-Uma Bjarnardottir
> Question on formation of the prefix-given name.  Seriously, does it
> work that way, or some other way?  All I've got handy is Geirr bassi.

Seriously, it works that way. One of the reasons I really like Norse names
-- very simple and straightforward construction, all the name elements in
one handy dandy booklet.

So aside from the Uma/Una thing, they all look good to me.


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