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I have a question which was brought to my mind while reading the ILoI.

I am looking into a name for Master Airaklee Wolf, which a few of you know.  It is unsolicited but he knows I have wanted to help him remove his holding name (or the name he okayed to keep his device) on his device, which is Eric Lee. [Eric Lee This name was registered in December of 1996 (via Ansteorra). The following device is associated with this name was registered in December of 1996 (via Ansteorra): Azure, seven double-bitted axes in annulo a bordure argent.
He portrays a 6th century Frank with late Roman/early Byzantine influence.  we have bantered around names for the years we have known each other and I know he likes the sound of Airaklee.  At this time period would Heraclius Lupus (possibly with the addition an ethnic epithet of) Francus be a passable/plausible name?  Not so concerned with it being a proper Roman citizen name but more like an auxillary's name who might have been called Wulf or even Wulfric for instance but adopted more Roman customs.

This is a small present for a friend who has been supportive over the years which I can never fully payback.


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No problem.  You got me doubting myself enough that I verified when I drove home from populace just now. :-D  I actually have never been there becasue I don't drink coffee, I just picked it as a easily recognizable location.  After this month I will no longer have football games every Saturday so it should free up my flexibility more.  that and I can scope out more possible locations for the months I can't go to an event.


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>  Okay, just wanted to make sure as I had never noticed it there.  Then again I am rarely looking for Starbucks as it is.
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