[ANSTHRLD] Any problems with public commentary?

Mike C. Baker kihebard at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 30 10:15:48 PDT 2009

I suspect that some portion of the resistance to making commentary more
public than it has been dates back to pre-OSCAR, hard-copy, days of vitriol
and bitumen.  (Daniel, you and I have both been around long enough to know
just how snarky some of the commentary language has been at various points
in time over the course of the years...)

I thoroughly understand the second point - too often, agendae being pursued
by one or another of the commentators have less to do with the individual
submission and everything to do with an underlying principle embodied within
that submission. Frex, a perfectly lovely submission that includes a cross
whose outline is a complex line of division not previously seen in evidence
for SCA purposes & which has only been supported by a single obscure example
from within period for which we have only an emblazon.
The Muckety Of High comments, opposing all complex-outline crosses or
per-cross complex lines of division. **  Potentate Pooh-bahluba responds to
the meta-issue and not the submission itself, and the exchanges go downhill
from there.  Can become absolutely confusing to the casual reader of
commentary, much less the newcomer with maybe an hour's exposure to blazonry
and heraldic design in the first place.

Can the CoA discipline itself to sufficiently segregate the issues?  Will
the CoA, or the CoH, accept a degree of moderation/editing that it has
vigorously resisted in the past?  Only the future will know...

** Yes, I know, for most purposes "per cross" is indistinguishable from
"quarterly" ...

Adieu, Amra  / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe 

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> The SCA Heralds mailing list has started discussing why Laurel-
> level
> heraldic commentary is not publicly viewable.  A couple of people
> have
> mentioned
> - someone reading commentary and being offended
> - submitters misunderstanding commentary on their submissions
> Has anyone noticed any such problems in Ansteorra?  I haven't heard
> of
> such, but then again, I Don't Get Out Much.
> Daniel de Lindocollino
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