[ANSTHRLD] LoI uploaded to CoH website.

Bordure Herald bordure at herald.ansteorra.org
Mon Apr 12 09:27:49 PDT 2010

Greetings all,

The LoI for April has been created in OSCAR and the standalone PDF version is available on the CoH website.  Also there has been a change in the decision meeting schedule.  Originally the April and May ILoIs were to be decided at the June decision meeting to get us on schedule for the new time lines for when commentary is due (see Star's letter inthe Gazette if you have not already) and the LoI is to be generated for the letters.  

Since the May LoI is slated to contain submissions from Gulf War AND the May meeting is slated for after the 20th when commentary for April ILoI is due I am moving the decisioning of April ILoI to the May meeting.  What this means is that the meeting _will_ take place the weekend of May 21st.  Currently I am plannign on trying to make it to Queen's Champion so I am keeping the meeting tentatively scheduled for there.  If I can't make it i will push the meeting to the Sunday and hold it here locally.

Alasdair, Bordure

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