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Subject: Ansteorran Gazette for December 2010


Letter From Star: 


The office of Nordsteorra Herald will be turning over here in the next few days, as applications close on November 30. 
I’ll send out a separate announcement at that time, but I do wish to thank Lord Ivo Blackhawk again for his service as the northern regional herald!

The office of Arbalest Herald is now open for applications through the end of December. This position handles notifications of acceptances and returns of 
heraldic submissions at the Laurel level and kingdom level returns. Attention to detail is a must; while traditionally this office has gotten its necessary information 
from paper forms, I am wanting to move the office to working from electronic scans instead, and thus potentially reduce one set of required copies. Please send 
applications to myself and the current Arbalest Herald. 

A new ACE feature this month debuted to a somewhat rocky start; if you have an account, on the “My Profile” page there is a checkbox to allow you to opt in 
to receive an email whenever a new letter is posted. ACE got a little excited at this new power and sent out one notice per *item*, not one notice per letter, this 
month.  ACE has been grounded and sent to sit in the corner until it can behave better next month.

The cold winter months are a prime time for collegium-style events. Think about teaching a class, or asking for a class to be taught! Ask the event steward, or just 
post a not-so-subtle hint to the heralds discussion list here.

In service and hopes for a wonderful Yuletide season,
Emma de Fetherstan
Star Principal Herald

Letter from Bordure: 

Greetings to all the members of the College from Jayme Dominguez del
Valle, Bordure Herald of Ansteorra!

I'd like to take a moment to thank my predecessor for all his hard
work, both specifically in the office, and in being
available throughout every step of the turnover process. Without
Alasdair's help I would not be catching on to things
as quickly as I am. I am also extremely grateful to Emma Star for her
confidence in me, and the opportunity to hold the office
of Bordure. That being said, a few things I have noticed while getting
paperwork processed and Letters of Intent started...

Please make sure that you send the forms to Asterisk with all
documentation included. If the submission is documented from
anything OTHER than sources listed in Appendix H of the CoA Admin
Handbook, documentation MUST be included to Asterisk.
There have been a few submissions that were sent in without
documentation printouts. For web articles, a printout of the title
page and the page with the relevant entry on it will suffice. Please
make sure you include the first page of the article, as it often has
information about the source of the data that has been compiled.

Simply stating that a name was commonly used in period is not enough
documentation. If you do not have the resources to document a name,
consider posting to the Herald's mailing list for assistance, somebody
on there most likely will have the resources available. If a
submission is sent in with no documentation, it is grounds for
Administrative return. Remember that Asterisk reserves the right to
accept submissions that
are not documented but it is not an expectation of him to do so.

Other than the two issues I have not noticed many problems with the
submissions that I have received to date. Please make sure you review
the forms before you send them in for the following simple issues:
1) Completeness - Make sure that it is plain to Asterisk what the
submission is for: Is it a new name, primary or alternate,
a change of name? Do you want the old item to be released if it's a
change, retained as a badge?

2) Proofread the spellings to make sure the submission matches the

3) Check the form version: At the bottom of the form it should say:
Laurel v. 2.0;Ansteorra v1.0 (Laurel Approved [01 OCT 2006]). If the
form is not the correct version the submission will be
administratively returned.

I again appreciate this most worthy opportunity to serve Ansteorra and
her College of Heralds. I am available by email almost all of the
time, so if you ever have any issues or concerns feel free to email me
at Bordure at herald.ansteorra.org and I'll return the email as soon as
possible. I look forward to seeing you all again at Red Tape, which is
when I have planned the January decision meeting.



ILoI 2010-03: Comments due April 20
LoI 2010-05. Laurel meeting August. 

ILoI 2010-04: Comments due May 20
LoI 2010-06. Laurel meeting September. 

ILoI 2010-05: Comments due June 10
LoI 2010-06. Laurel meeting September.

ILoI 2010-06: Comments due July 10
LoI 2010-07. Laurel meeting October. 

ILoI 2010-07: Comments were due August 10.
LoI 2010-08. Laurel meeting November.

ILoI 2010-08: Comments due September 10.
LoI 2010-09. Laurel meeting December. 

ILoI 2010-09: Comments due October 10.
LoI 2010-10. Laurel meeting January.

ILoI 2010-10: Comments due November 10.
LoI 2010-11. Laurel meeting Feburary. 

ILoI 2010-11: Comments due December 10.
Decision meeting and LoI December.

ILoI 2010-12: Comments due January 10.
Decision meeting and LoI January. 

Upcoming Decision Meetings:       
* December's decision meeting will take place on December 19th, 2010 - at Coffee Waves in Corpus Christi, TX - 
	That date is subject to change, if it does, I'll advise the college but December's will likely not be a roadshow meeting.
* January's decision meeting will take place at King's Round Table on January 22, 2010, time TBA
* February's decision meeting will take place at Kingdom A&S - february 12th, 2010 time TBA

Internal Letter of Intent 2010-12

1.Adaleide Dewy (North Keep, Barony of), New Name  New Device
2. Adela vom Berg (North Keep, Barony of), Device Resub
3.Alys Blakhauksdotther (North Keep, Barony of), New Name  New Device
4. Elena Miklósne (North Keep, Barony of), New Name  New Device
5. Eógan hua Béolláin (Raven's Fort, Barony of), Device Resub
6. Erich Johann von Alberichssohn (Raven’s Fort, Barony of) Barony of) New Name and Device
7. Evangelo Thrakkios (North Keep, Barony of), Device Resub.
8. Gavin Rede (Raven's Fort, Barony of). New  Name
9. Isabella Maria della Rosa (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of), New Device
10. Jayme Dominguez del Valle (Seawinds, Shire of), Device Resub.
11. Lemoine de Gascoigne (Raven's Fort, Barony of), Device Resub.
12. Michael Snowdon (Bjornsborg, Barony of ), New Device
13. Montega Black Dragon (North Keep, Barony of), Device Resub.
14. Oddus Torcoletti (Raven's Fort, Barony of), Device Resub.
15. Rebekkah de Corvis.  (North Keep, Barony of), New Name  New Badge
16. Rupert Geofferey Down de Ronda.  (North Keep, Barony of), New Badge
17. Sewallis Siward de Shirley (Barony Bordermarch), New Name  New Device
18. Vyolante do Porto (Steppes, Barony of), Device Resub.
19. Wihtric Wihtmunding (Steppes, Barony of), New Name  New Device
20. Yves I'espicier (North Keep, Barony of), New  Name   New Device

ILoI 2010-12 can be found at http://herald.ansteorra.org/ILoI/iloi201012.pdf 
and http://ace.heraldry.ansteorra.org/letter/view/40

Annotated Internal Collated Commentary 2010-10

1. Aell de Wilde (Gate’s Edge, Shire of) New Name and Device. 
2. Ætheldreda de Dunbretane (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of) New Name. 
3. Agnes Turnbull (Gate’s Edge, Shire of) New Name and Device. 
4. Cymme in kyrra (Barony Bordermarch) Resubmitted Device. 
5. Ekarius von Krüssen (Steppes, Barony of) New Name Change. 
6. Georges le Breton (Gate’s Edge, Shire of) New Name and Device. 
7. Gera von Roer (Steppes, Barony of) New Name Change. 
8. Gwenlliana Lovelady (Raven’s Fort, Barony of ) Resubmitted Name. 
9. Robert Coleford (Gate’s Edge, Shire of) New Name Change and Device. 
10. Silvius Foppa (Elfsea, Barony of) New Name and Device. 
11. Vaclav Slovaczek (Barony Bordermarch) New Device. 

AICC 2010-10 can be found at: http://herald.ansteorra.org/ICC/aicc201010.pdf 

Fast Tracks for 2010-11


The external Letter of Intent for November 2010 can be found at http://herald.ansteorra.org/LoI/loi201011.pdf 
and http://oscar.sca.org/index.php?action=175&loi=903

A list of items currently in progress can be found at http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/hst/

Further details on the status of items at Laurel can be found at http://oscar.sca.org/index.php?action=181

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