[ANSTHRLD] October LoAR returns for Ansteorra

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 1 15:52:10 PST 2010

Let's see if the format is better this time.


Godwin of Edington and Ellisena de Bayonne.  Joint badge. (Fieldless) In 
bend a cross crosslet fleury concave argent sustained by a dragon's jambe bendwise erased Or.This
badge is returned because the jambe is unidentifiable. Commenters
overwhelmingly said they had difficulty identifying the jambe and, in some cases, the cross. 
This is a violation of section VII.7.a of the Rules for Submissions, which says that "Elements 
must be recognizable solely from their appearance." section VIII.3 requires that "Elements 
must be used in a design so as to preserve their individual identifiability." Since the identifying 
portion of the jambe is obscured by the cross, this must be returned.Their previous
submission did not suffer from this problem: the cross was fitched and
sustained from the fitching, which is why it was not mentioned then.

Vyolante do Porto.  Name. 
Unfortunately, this name is in conflict with the registered Violante do Porto, 
registered in July 2010. The addition of an element such as Lopez, to 
make Violante Lopez do Porto, would clear the conflict and allow this name to be registered.

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