[ANSTHRLD] Meetings at a Distance

Joseph Percer jpercer at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 13:54:20 PST 2010


I mentioned last month that I was interested in attempting to make the
decision meetings available in a distance format whenever travel was
not feasible. Pursuant to that, I've done a bit of brainstorming, and
thought, as well as some limited conversation with some folks. What
I'd like to do is just collect a few more opinions at this time about
the following:

1) Would you take advantage of the ability to "attend" a decision
session if you couldn't be there in person?
2) Would you be bothered by the lack of not being able to see the
forms? Would the material on ACE be enough for you to feel comfortable
offering an opinion?
3) Of the following services, which is your preference and why? AIM,
Google Talk, Skype?
4) Do you feel that text based chat is sufficient for interaction with
both computer based and local folks (a group of people sharing 1
computer, for example?) If not, do you have suggestions for ways to
overcome this?

If you all have anything else to add that I haven't considered or
asked above, I would be most grateful to hear it. I'm happy to make
this available as an avenue to keep the kingdom involved, but I would
like to know that there are going to be interested parties. If there
are enough people who would be interested in such an approach, I would
like to consider test driving this at the December decision meeting
since I'm unable to take that on the road.

I appreciate it,


Joseph M. Percer, AAS, LP

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