[ANSTHRLD] Acceptable sources and invented names

Amanda Smith kyrogue at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 19:13:55 PST 2010

The documentation is for Gardiner.  I've already found the source for
Gardiner with that spelling on the SCA heraldry site.  However, for reasons
I am unsure of, she does not like this source and wishes to use her own.  It
does provide dates, however I'm not sure if it provides information on it's

For Mably she's found the source I indicated above.  She wishes to use the
invented names clause to turn it into Mabry.  I've found no indication
what-so-ever for Mabry as she wants it, however when I mentioned this to her
she sited the invented name clause at me in yellow letters and that it
should allow her to do what she wants.

I dont think this will fly so I'm -hoping- some one has something somewhere
that makes Mabry ok.


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