[ANSTHRLD] Conflict Check - Lion Dormant and Badger Rampant Contourny

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Tue Dec 28 18:43:08 PST 2010

A few mintues finally scraped together -- the first proposal looks like it has a direct conflict while the second seems needlessly complex to register.
The standard disclaimer of never trusting just one conflict-checker's work applies.


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If anyone has a few minutes, please check these for conflicts.  Thanks.
Azure, a lion dormant and on a chief argent 3 rondels azure.
Looking in the SCA Ordinary at http://oanda.sca.org/ordinary/B.html I went to the category 'Beast-Cat-1-Argent-Couchant' (Note: The "Dormant" posture has no CD versus "Couchant" in SCA Heraldry, so they are listed in the same category)
There we find
Jacques Abarán
The following device associated with this name was registered in December of 1993 (via Atlantia):
Azure, a lion couchant and on a chief argent three roundels azure.
With nothing granted for difference in posture, this looks like a no CD conflict.

Gules ermined or, a badger rampant to sinister within a bordure engrailed or.
Looking under 'Beast-Badger, I observed no conflict.  In fact, I observed no conflict for the far simpler "Gules, a badger rampant contourny Or."  [Closest were "(Fieldless) A badger rampant contourny sable." (Frederic Badger, Badge, Aug 2003) with CD's for tintcure changes to the field and the primary charge, "(Fieldless) A badger statant contourny Or." (Sasha Dmitrievich Dozortsev, Badge, Aug 2000) with CD's for tincture change to the field and posture change to the primary charge, and "Vert, a badger rampant Or maintaining a rose argent, barbed, slipped and leaved sable." (Roesia de Grey, Device, Oct 2007) with CD's for tincture change to the field and orienteation change to the primary charge.].
The engrailed bordure does not seem needed to avoid conflict/presumption.  Does it have some significance for the submitter?  If not, would they consider elininating it?
Similarly, the non-standard but allowable gules field ermined Or does not seem needed to avoid conflict.  Eliminating the ermine spots greatly increases the identfiability of the primary charge since they are the same tincture -- better period style would have the field ermined argen and better period style still would be a field counter-ermine if the fur has significance to the sub,itter.  If not, would the submitter consider eliminating it?


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