[ANSTHRLD] 1980 Gazette name question

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I'll pass the request on to folks here. However, Zoren no longer walks among us.
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Hedwig quoted somebody saying:

> I have a young man in my area who would like to register the name "Zorin 
> de
> Leon".
> During a search of the A&O, I came across the name "Zoren uff Eiren". The
> young man in my area is willing to change the spelling of his name (which 
> he
> has been using for several years), but I have been unable to find any
> further documantation on the name "Zoren".

Zoren uff Eiren was an active herald, being Sable Storm Pursuivant when I 
first met him.  His documentation should still be in the Namron, Star, and 
Laurel heraldic files, and that's where you need to look.

It may not help you, however.  His name was passed in 1980, when the rules 
were *very* different from the current ones.   Documentation that passed 
muster in 1980 is not guaranteed to do so today. It was an era in which 
names like "Zerak the Repeititive" and "Tivar Moondragon" were registered.

Good luck!

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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