[ANSTHRLD] Heirs to Principalities--Title Question

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Mon Apr 4 09:31:46 PDT 2011

Insulae Draconis is on their third reign.  They are also one of the
Principalities that have the Investiture the same day as the Coronet List.


On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 11:02 AM, HerrDetlef <herrdetlef at gmail.com> wrote:

> This is what I have so far:
> In An Tir, the heirs to the Principality of Tir Righ are titled Tanist and
> Ban-Tanist, and they are styled Excellency.
> In the West Kingdom, the heirs to the Principality of The Mists are titled
> Lord and Lady of the Mists, the heirs to the Principality of Cynagua are
> titled Lord and Lady of the Swan, and the heirs to the Principality of
> Oertha are titled Lord and Lady Borealis (thanks to Brian for that last
> one!).
> I looked on the Drachenwald page, and they've got two principalities:
> Nordmark in Sweden, and Insulae Draconis in the British Isles. The website
> for Nordmark is in Swedish, and the first Prince and Princess of Insulae
> Draconis are still reigning.
> Countess Tessa wrote me this morning, and she told me that she and Simonn
> were Tanist and Tanista of Ansteorra before their investiture as Prince and
> Princess.
> And now I know that the heirs to the Principality of Drachenwald were
> titled
> Tanist and Tanista (thank you, Tadhg!)
> That's all I have right now. What I haven't seen is anyone following the
> mundane precedent of heirs to principalities (such as Liechtenstein) being
> titled Hereditary Prince and Hereditary Princess and being styled Serene
> Highness in the same way that the Prince and Princess of Liechtenstein are.
> Thanks for all the wonderful information, everybody!
> Detlef

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