[ANSTHRLD] Heirs to Principalities--Title Question

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You may want to consider including your chart in the next issue of the heralds 
and scribe journal, called the 'Proceedings', often compiled annually and 
presented at the SCA Knowne World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium.  

I believe they have a call for entries out now:   http://kwhss.sca.org/
The Proceedings editor can be found on the 'Staff' link. 

Cheers, Hillary


What is the SCA custom for titles and styles for heirs to principalities?

To draw on mundane precedent: the heirs to the princpality of Liechtenstein
are titled "Hereditary Prince" and "Hereditary Princess" ("Erbprinz" and
"I'm working on a chart of titles and styles that go with various ranks, and
I want to be accurate.

Yours in these Current Middle Ages,
Detlef von Marburg
Tir Med?in Pursuivant

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